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When Starting An Event Planning Business

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bags.7Many people come up with various business ideas, some like to make new products, some come up with organic food production ideas, out of these some of you want to start an event planning business. This is a business that can go both small scale and large scale. But what most of you forget is that there are many things to think about when starting an event planning business.

What is the expert area?

Just like any business you need to figure out your expert area or your potential area. When you plan to start an event planning business, you need to first start small, start with what you know the best. There are several types of events weddings, corporate events, birthday parties, kid’s birthday parties and anniversary parties. The level of fines is different to each of these categories. For example if you are a kid’s party planner, you need to be in charge of the food and the gift bags or the carry bags and decorations. If you are not very good at making very child friendly decorations you shouldn’t take this up. Always select the type of planning you are good at. For example if you were working at an office for a while and you have previously organized office events, you should start with that, you can specialize in corporate events. Later on you can move in other types when you gain enough experience and have a good customer base.

Have enough storage

When it comes to event planning business, storage is a must. Most of the time you will be taking care of the banners, event materials, souvenirs, carry bags for the gifts at, and various other items for events in your office. So you need to make sure you get a place large enough to store these things without damaging the items. For example if you are planning a corporate event you will have to plan out an collect their banners, backdrops, gifts and souvenirs so you need space to keep these till the day of the event.

Venue of client meetings

If you are still a start up you probably won’t have a decent office to hold client meetings. In this case you need to figure out a professional way to have meetings. If it is for a big event you can spend some money and have it at a meeting room in a hotel. This is the best way to convince the potential clients that you are serious about the work. If not you can arrange to meet with them at their office. This shows respect and it is better for you because you don’t have to spend too much money on venues.

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