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How To Keep Your House Clean

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magentsBetween maintaining a nine to five job and taking care of your three kids, life is very stressful for you so sometimes, you tend to forget to keep a clean house. After a long day of work, you come home to a bunch of unwashed dishes in the sink and some days, you simply chose to ignore it and go to bed. It is so easy to lose track of cleaning your home when you are a working woman so the easiest option would be to hire a maid to do your cleaning for you but sometimes, the last thing you want to invest in is a maid. You might be going through financial difficulties that require both you and your spouse to maintain full time jobs and if that’s the case, you are probably not looking to spend the money you earn to have your house cleaned.

Divide chores
If you have kids who love to turn the house into a complete mess within seconds, you can teach them a little about responsibility and the pain of having to clean by having them clean up after themselves. If you have toddlers of course, you will not be able to do so but if you have teens running around your house, you can definitely get their help when it comes to keeping a clean home. Dividing chores is a very effective way of maintain a clean home. You could divide chores such as vacuuming, washing the dishes and taking out the garbage between your three kids. You could have your oldest do the vacuuming as it involves an appliance that runs by the power of electricity, you could also ask the oldest to dust and clean everything from the fridge magnets to the insides of your rusty old oven, at

Your second oldest could wash the dishes and your youngest could do an easy task such as taking out the garbage. Keep in mind to only give your children chores if you think that they are old enough to handle these chores because the last thing you want is for your business cards printing Sydney to end up in your kids intestines.

Clean up during the weekend
Weekends might be the only time you get to take a little breather and relax so dedicate one day of your weekend to relaxing and sleeping in but dedicate the other day to cleaning up the entire house, you could even get your children and spouse involved in the process. If you work more effectively as a long wolf, that could work too because since you have a whole day to yourself, you could really do a lot with this one day.

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